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Best Places of Installing Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras have become one of the most popular home security solutions. They are placed in public areas and around the perimeters of properties or residences. You can also install them in various rooms like kitchen and nurseries to monitor them. Home security systems are effective just like their surveillance cameras. Failure to install these devices properly would render them useless. Again, it would be a waste of money.

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Proper installation of the home security system can help you in stopping burglary and break-ins. This will ensure that your items are intact and your property and home are safe. Homeowners can be assured of optimal security by knowing the best areas where to place/install their security devices. Setting up your home security system in the right place is the sure way of nabbing thieves and criminals.  You can learn more about home security systems by visiting www.ddcountermeasures.com. Following the steps outlined here below can help you in installing a security surveillance system.

Preparing a Diagram

You should make sure that your  property is properly monitored, but it is impractical to monitor every inch of the property. Planning and drafting a chart for placing your cameras is the best way of improving the effectiveness of your home security system. Ideally, property owners should make an effort to ensure that all the important areas are adequately covered. Making a rough sketch is one of the useful starting points. This can help you in identifying the key areas that need to be monitored and placing your devices. The key areas that should be watched include:

  • Lawns
  • Off-street windows
  • Driveways
  • Doors (back and front)

Camera Placement

You should choose the exact location for placing the camera once you have identified the key areas that require monitoring. You should then follow the following guidelines when setting up your surveillance systems.

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  • Watch your backed front doors.
  • Read the surveillance laws and check the legislation that governs video monitoring equipment. Different states have their surveillance laws.
  • Make sure that your cameras do not invade your neighbor’s privacy because they can sue you. The cameras installed should always face towards your properties.
  • Position your devices at an appropriate distance relative to the objects to get the best view.
  • Lowering the camera’s placement location can help you in getting a detailed look at your subjects.
  • Place your devices at strategic places where people cannot vandalize or tamper them.
  • Plan your wiring system to conceal the cabling.