Why Innovate with LG?

LG is a global company, committed to working closely with external partners.
We invite you to 'Collaborate & Innovate' with us.

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LG is a global company, proud of its achievements over the years. We have subsidiaries in many countries, as well as local R&D; centers, all helping to develop and market our products. Although our R&D; talent, investment and resultant achievements put us among the top technology companies in the world;
we recognize that many great ideas and developments are happening outside of our company as well. This spirit of Open Innovation is the inspiration for our desire for collaboration - More of us is greater than one of us.

You can get more information on LG Electronics by taking a look at our corporate website www.lge.com

What are our areas of interest?

Our product range is vast, roughly divided into 5 business areas: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance, Air Conditioning & Energy Solution and vehicle components. In addition, we are also looking at new emerging markets such as Living & Eco and Healthcare to expand our business portfolio. On this site, you can browse our specific needs, as well as broad interest themes related to our business areas. This should allow you to get a feel for the types of technologies and solutions that we're looking for. Even if what you have to offer doesn't seem to fit our needs exactly, we'd still be very interested in hearing from you.

How does a collaboration with LG work?

Every partnership and collaboration is different; at LG, we have a dedicated team responsible for managing this relationship, and making sure that you're introduced to the most appropriate members of our company. We believe that the best collaborations, the ones that create the most innovative results, are those that offer value to both parties; a Win-Win situation. This could be achieved by licensing, funding for development, investment, acquisition and we're open to any other suggestions too - every case is different, and deserves to be treated as such.

We value the partnerships that we create very highly, and want these to become long term collaborative relationships. Open Innovation is not about simply finding technologies and buying them in a transactional approach, it's about building mutually beneficial relationships by collaborating and innovating together towards a common goal.

LG is committed to Open Innovation, and invites you to 'Collaborate & Innovate' with us.