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Korea : Collaborate & Innovate HQ Team

LG has been growing its support for Open Innovation for several years, with a full time task force formed in 2009 set up to define the processes and systems to be used. This task force took staff members from all of LG's business areas and labs, giving the team a broad range of knowledge and experience.

After a successful first year, the task force became an official part of LG's organization under the CTO. The name of the organization was changed to Collaborate & Innovate in order to reflect the marketing brand for Open Innovation that was created in the previous year. Many of the members from the original task stayed to build on the success of the previous year.

As you can see from the personal profiles of the members below, we have a team of passionate individuals with skill sets and interests to cover many areas of technology. Our close links with the rest of the organization also means that we are able to seek expertise in other more specialist areas when we need to.

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Office Phone Number: +82-2-2019-6764

Name Dong Ho Lee
Position Open Innovation Manager
Description Dongho Lee joined LG Electronics Mobile Communication R&D Lab in 2005,
starting work as an antenna engineer. With both academic and experimental
experience of his masters course at University, he introduced a wide range of
new concepts associated with antenna development for in smaller form

Dongho spent 4 years with the antenna team before transferring to the 'Open
Innovation Task' in late 2009, which later became the Collaborate & Innovate
team. He is now focusing on needs based activities, and assists other team
members with seeds based work when required. His strong relationship with
LG's Mobile Communications divisions are very helpful with incubation tasks.

Name Robert Cha
Position Open Innovation Manager
Description Robert Cha is the newest member to join the Collaborate & Innovate team,
coming onboard in October 2010. Prior to joining LG Electronics, Robert
worked for sister company LG-Ericsson for 5 years in various roles including
R&D Coordination, Product Management and New Business Development.

Robert was born in Korea, and immigrated with his family to Canada during
his childhood, where he received a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Electrical
Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Robert's international upbringing and experiences in LG-Ericsson give him
valuable knowledge and skills for his role providing support for both needs
and seeds based searching approaches.