Below is a list of frequently asked questions, but if you feel that your question is not covered here, please feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected]


Is there anything that you're really not interesting in hearing about?
On this site you can find our current specific R&D; needs, as well as the broad themes that we're currently interested. Reading these sections will give you an idea of what we are interested in, but for confidentiality reasons, there are other things that we're looking into that we cannot make public on our website. With this in mind, it's a good idea to submit your idea anyway, after all, you have nothing to lose.

Note: The Collaborate & Innovate site is not a consumer feedback site. If you have some comment on consumer relations, then please direct this to the local subsidiary for your region. Information for your region can be found on our corporate global website >www.lge.com
I already have a relationship with LG, can I still submit ideas?
Yes, and the Collaborate & Innovate website gives you access to all of LG Electronics, not just the division that you're currently working with. If you already have a relationship with LG however, it is a good idea to introduce your idea to your current contact point as well as submitting here.
Is there any geographical restriction to applicants?
From LG's point of view, we are happy to work with anyone, from anywhere in the world. Each country has its own rules for business collaborations however, and we are obviously bound by those.
Is it possible to get an NDA signed for confidential information before submitting an idea?
If we are interested in your submission, then we'll be happy to sign an NDA, but we cannot do this for every submission on our website. For this reason, we ask you to think carefully about what information you include in your submission. You need to provide us with enough information to accurately describe your idea, without providing confidential information.

Review Process

What is the expected response time after submitting an idea?
We aim to respond to you directly within 4~8 weeks of receiving your submission. Every submission is different, so it may take us more or less time to effectively evaluate your idea
What is your review process?
LG's Collaborate & Innovate team sits above all the business units and divisions in the company. When you submit your ideas using this website, your submission is assigned to a Collaborate & Innovate team member who is responsible for incubating your idea and we make sure to introduce your hard work to the most relevant people in our organization. Each business unit is different, but most have a dedicated technology innovation team who can help us with this process. If your idea is interesting, or we need more information, we'll contact you and may even put you in touch with the engineer who wants to know more.

In addition to the process above, all submissions can be viewed by anyone in LG, meaning that even business units who were not initially considered for introduction can request more information from us.
Is it possible to arrange a meeting to present my idea?
Late in the review process, it might be a good idea, or even necessary to organize a meeting, but it is not necessary for the initial evaluation. If you have a prototype or demonstration available, then please mention this in your proposal, as it will be considered during evaluation. If you feel that a demonstration is really important, another good idea is to attach a video of your demonstration as additional material to your proposal.
What happens if LG likes my idea?
Every situation is different, and deserves to be treated as such. There are many different possible business relationships if we decide to collaborate with you, for example; Licensing, Supply Agreement, Co-development, Investment, M&A;, etc. We are looking for long term partners though, and prefer this to short term transactional relationships.
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