Best Airsoft Guns of 2017

Airsoft has become a favorite game for numerous people over the years. One of the key strategies to be a good airsoft player is to choose a good airsoft gun for the game. However, this can be a cumbersome task given the sea of airsoft gun brands flooding the market all claiming to be the best. To save you the trouble, we have researched for you, so you do not have to. Below we review five of the best airsoft guns that are guaranteed to suit your needs.


Combo Air Rifle: RWS DIANA 34P

When it comes to phenomenal airsoft guns ever designed, the RWS 34P takes up a high tier. This airsoft gun is packed with a myriad of amazing features that will take any players skills a notch higher. It is a spring-loaded gun with preposterous accuracy. At its front, this gun has an adjustable optic sight, which comes quite in handy. Another benefit worth pointing out is that this airsoft gun is suitable not only for right-handed but also for left-handed as well.

Colt M4 CQB Full Metal AEG

The COLT M4 CQB is made purely of metal making it quite strong. This gun is endowed with a myriad of impressive features that will help any player remain competitive in the field. First off, the gearbox is of high quality; it comes with a collapsible stock, rails to attach accessories. Not to mention, the gun holds 350 rounds to keep the player fighting for a long time.

G&G CM16 Raider Combat

AIRSOFT This is an excellent airsoft gun; more so, it makes an excellent choice for a novice player. This gun is pure quality nylon fiber that adds to its strength. Its make resembles that of an actual AK 47. The G&G CM16 comes with a 450 round magazine. Other than its great accuracy, this airsoft gun has plenty of customization rails to adjust the weapon to fit every player’s needs.

Crosman Stinger R-34

The Crossman Stinger 34 is a powerful, incredibly accurate quality spring-loaded airsoft gun in the market. This airsoft gun shoots a whopping 300 FPS at distances of 100-150ft meticulously. What is more, this airsoft comes with a number of additional accessories including a 500 starters BB’s. The best thing about this airsoft gun is the affordable price tag which earns it a high rating from customers.

Marines Airsoft SR01

This is one of the most powerful airsoft guns in the rifle category. It is has a myriad of features to offer to accomplish domination. The Marines Airsoft SR01 comes with a foldable stock. In addition, it comes packed with some handy compatible accessories.


This airsoft gun comes at a sleek premium look not to mention it shoots 325 feet per second. Moreover, it holds an impressive 350 BB’s at a time. To make the deal better, this airsoft gun takes pride in proving a high level of accuracy.


Ways To Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

If you want to extend your phone’s battery life, you are required to know some of the important tips that should be considered always. Mobile phones are widely used by most people in the world today. Therefore, since you must require its services each day, it will, therefore, end up draining the battery of your phone. However, there are some of the activities you are required to avoid to extend your phone’s battery life.

Improving a phone’s battery life

tg2wed6ch2w7edu2If you do not know some of the tips you need to consider, take your time and conduct your research based on ways to improve your phone’s battery. By doing this, you will know some of the ways you can consider to improve your phone’s battery. There are some small mistakes we make that end up reducing the battery life. The following therefore are some of the ways to improve your phone’s battery life.

Keep the screen timeout short

If you want to improve your phone’s battery life; consider this option. You need to check your phone’s settings and reduce the screen timeout. By doing this, you are likely to improve your phone’s battery life. If you do not know where to set your screen timeout, under the setting menu on your phone, you will find that option and then reduce the screen timeout. Therefore, if you consider doing that, you will improve your phone’s battery life.

Turn off bluetooth

Most individuals like using Bluetooth to listen to various music and transferring data. However, it is recommended that you turn off the Bluetooth after use. Also, make sure that you do not leave it on for a long period. Ensure you use within the shortest time possible. It is advisable that you use within five to ten minutes. The important aspect you should always consider is to turn your Bluetooth off.

Turn off wi-fi

Just as the Bluetooth, it is essential to note that a Wi-Fi is a battery drainer. Even though many people like using it in browsing and chatting, ensure that it is off. It is advisable that you consider your data services compared to the Wi-Fi. Therefore, when you have finished using the Wi-Fi, ensure that you turn it off. This will help in improving your phone’s battery life.

Dim the screen brightness

tyg2w3ed6ch2ed728i22Most people like seeing their phone display full brightness. When doing this, you are reducing your phone’s battery life. If you do not recommend dim brightness, you can decide to use auto brightness option. This is the best mode to use because it uses less power and thus improving your phone’s battery life. Therefore, ensure that your phone uses auto brightness or dim brightness.

Close background apps

If you want to boost the battery life of your phone; close all the apps in the background. This is because some apps are heavily based on the battery life. Therefore, by closing them, you will improve your phone’s battery life. Also, ensure that you do not use vibrate if you want to boost the battery life of your phone.