two-way radio

Benefits of a Two-way Radio

A two-way radio is a device that you wouldn’t want to miss in your home or in your business premise. Its features such as its effectiveness in highly noisy environments, money saving, and its ability to work even in times of emergencies and natural disasters make it reliable than a cellular phone which is incomparable to the two-way radio. This two-way radio is also user-friendly and can be used in any topography since it has a wider range of the network. It offers extended lifecycle support and accelerates response by instantly connecting people thus can be best used in cases of emergencies.

New Technology

radioMost of the two-way radios are advanced with the new technology. The manufacturers rapidly integrate the common cellular features into products which include, instant notification, accessories such as headsets and car mounts, and location tracking. With this new technology there is an increase in the two-way radio capabilities such as loftier voice quality in a wider range, yet still, the cellular networks provide patterned services in distant locations. Sometimes when the voice communication becomes critical, these new emergency two-way radios.


The rate at which cellular devices fail makes the two-way radio more reliable. Smartphones and tablets can easily get damaged especially when needed the most as compared to the two-way radio which cannot get damaged easily. The two-way radio network is steady it doesn’t t face network outages this makes it more reliable, and this is why reliability is a primary concern.

Lesser Lifetime Cost

To relay on the radio signals an initial capital investment has to be worked on to install the needed infrastructure. The owner will own the complete system without paying the monthly contract for data or airtime minutes. Therefore, it is cheaper for a company to invest in a two-way radio as compared to a cellular deployment. The two-way radio also breaks less often thus less expensive to maintain making it durable.

Easy Group Communication

A two-way radio is best for group communication it is a simplified conferencing. Every broadcast can be heard by all users when a particular channel is dialed. The conferencing aspect makes group coordination easier so that you don’t have to call every employee on a cell phone. Having all users on the same channel decreases the chances of abusing the system or making a blander. It is also cost effective since you can communicate to your employees at the same time without using your airtime to call them one by one.


walkie talkieThe two-way radio operates under a closed network making your conversations private. Most people would always like to keep their discussion private and confidential. It is also appropriate when used in a business for the employer-employee communication. Therefore, you don’t have to work about the third part since all communications for all users are kept private.

Saves money

Unlike the cellular, the two-way radio uses low or no monthly fee for usage. After you have paid the monthly investment for the installation of the infrastructure, you don’t have to pay for data or time used on calls. These make communication swift and with no worries of high bills